Bed and Breakfast Sardinia

The Tamericio Bed & Breakfast is located in Gonnostramatza, a small town in the province of Oristano of about 1000 inhabitants. The apartment is of recent construction and is equipped with all comforts. It consists of two bedrooms with twin beds, a bathroom, a cozy and equipped kitchen, a living room with fireplace and a large balcony from which you can see the panorama of the whole country. The rooms are furnished with a wardrobe, wrought iron beds and bedside tables. There is also a car park with two parking spaces.

Local Attractions

In the surrounding area you can visit:

The beautiful beaches of Sinis, such as Sa Rocca Tunda, Putzu Idu, Is Arenas, S'Archittu, Is Arutas and Sa Mesa Longa.

Sardinia in Miniature, built inside a park, it shows the most important sites of the region perfectly reconstructed in miniature, from the S. Maria delle Nevi Cathedral in Nuoro to the Cable Car in Gennargentu.

The nuragic complex of Barumini, where there is a majestic Nuraghe surrounded by a large village.

The Giara di Gesturi, a plateau that owes its reputation to the presence of the "Giara's horse", a species of small horse living in the wild, in perfect harmony with nature.

The territorial museum Sa Corona Arrubia, reachable by car or cable car.

The “Giants' Tomb”, known also under the local name “Sa Domu ‘e s’Orcu” (the house of the orc).

In Gonnostramatza you can visit:

The museum Turcus e Morus, set up in the former Monte Granatico after being completely restructured but retaining its original elements, such as the rough stone floor. The museum is dedicated to barbarian invasions in Sardinia, especially those of Turks and Moors, from which the museum takes its name.

The church of Archangel Michael, a sixteenth-century building, in whose presbytery is stored the Retablo dell'Anununciazione, by Lorenzo Cavaro.

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